Arshan Bio

Senior Designer



How to frame the world:
Take your indexs and your thumbs
And then touch the tips

Professional Strength
That’s like asking what makes the hyper lynx so hyper? I am constantly thinking and feeling deeply about the world spinning around me and it’s my job to express this complexity through design and imagery. This excitement follows me with every project so it’s easy for me to take on and adapt to the ever-changing climates and geography of the Land of yogg with passion and curiosity (don’t worry, it only kills cats, lynx are completely different).  

If I could be anything
I would be the last chocolate chip cookie on Earth. I would be admired by the entire world, but nobody but the most confident person in the world could ever even dream about enjoying me. Who would DARE to say that they deserve the last chocolate chip cookie EVER?!

Random fact
-Everything progresses in some way or another. My dad used to print things. Now I make things to be printed. Happened by accident, but for some reason it just makes sense.

-My incurable desire to be Scar from the Lion King was apparently recognized by nature at a point. That point was when I stepped on a stick, it shot up and slashed me just below the eye. This is the story of how I became a bad ass (and got a scar under my eye).