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Introducing Bonner Orthodontics

eer Diary,

We recently launched Dr. Laura Bonner’s brand for her new orthodontic practice in Rogers, Arkansas. We fell in love with her and her vision, and wanted you to learn more about her. One thing’s for sure; she’s not afraid of hard work. I mean, she just opened her practice and now she’s expecting her first baby at any moment. No big deal. Just a day in the life of the awesome Dr. Laura Bonner.

Where did you grow up and how did you know you wanted to get into Orthodontics?
I grew up in Loveland, Colorado. I was first awe-struck by straight teeth when I was in elementary school and saw the before and after pictures of people in my orthodontist’s office. Then, in high school I realized that dentistry and orthodontics would be a job that allowed me to help people. Fast forward to dental school and the more I learned about the art and science of orthodontics, the more I fell in love! As an orthodontist now, I love it more than I ever.

What are you most excited and nervous about being in business for yourself?
I am excited about building something from nothing. I believe strongly in creating opportunity for others and yourself. It takes hard work, but if you put your mind, heart, and energy into something, you can achieve anything. I am nervous about being a good boss for my employees and running a business. Without formal training in this arena, I will definitely be leaning on other people to advise me in this other half of owning a practice.

ow that you have your brand, describe what that means for you and your practice.
Now that we have an amazing brand created by all the great people at yogg, I feel a responsibility to keep the brand alive! It means a lot to me to have a guiding light when making decisions that will be on display to the public, from stationary to what music we choose to play in the office!

hat does the future look like for you?
The future looks bright and busy. With practice underway and baby #1 on the way, we have many exciting changes coming. I look forward to continuing becoming integrated into the community and exploring this great state!

hat’s your spirit animal?
A german shepherd. My soul mate is my shepherd, Kaysa, who is 12.5 years old. She has been the one constant in my life from freshman year in college! She knows me better than I know myself.

Adam Mead