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Bizeau Family Dentistry Rebrand

Deer Diary,

We recently helped Bizeau Family Dentistry rebrand their practice in Tillamook, Oregon. As soon as we met Dr. Bizeau and recognized his passion for his profession along with his love for his community, we knew it would be a magnificent journey together. And Bjorn, were we right! (We also really dug meeting his family and swinging an ax on their family farm.) Dr. Bizeau shares some words below about his practice and the branding experience.

Where did you grow up and how did you know you wanted to get into dentistry?
I grew up in Newberg, Oregon, which is about 90 minutes west of where I currently practice. My Father was a dentist so I was exposed pretty early on to the dental field which meant… I did not want to be a dentist. My older brother is also a dentist so my plan was to pave my on path. Architecture and engineering were fields that fascinated me, but after starting to pursue those, I discovered that I really was not meant to sit in front of a computer. I migrated to dentistry after reevaluating what I was looking for in a career. I love the ability to have long term relationships with people, work with my hands, and be able to use my artistic side. It has been a great fit!

What do you love most about your practice?
I just love that we have a practice that our whole team can really be proud of. Each team member believes in who we are and what we are about. That is a great feeling.

Now that you have your brand, describe what that means for you and your practice.
For starters, I love the brand that you guys have created for us. You had amazing insight into who we are and what makes us tick, which helped us really embrace what makes us different and what our mission is. It was always there, but you helped bring it out of us so we would run with it. Our patients now have clear insight into who we are because they can see and hear it from the first phone call, to the paper work, and to their office visit. The message and underlying feel is consistent.

What does the future look like for you?
I love the direction we are going. We have all really embraced this vision and feel confident moving forward. It is like we were just given a map to direct our future!

What’s your spirit animal?
I had to put some thought into this question. I settled on one of my favorites (and hopefully a future farm animal for us). Highland Cattle are fascinating animals. The are a gentle, yet strong, quite hairy and love being outside no matter what the weather is.

Adam Mead