Foto Shewt

Foto Shewt: Models Needed


LEt's MAke some Magic, eh?

Zee fotographie dreams are finally coming true! Ve are developing a stock photography library of our own. Zus, ve are hosting custom photo shoots in zee Richmond area on Tuesday July 18th and Thursday July 20th. Ve are open to and looking for couples, families and individuals to model.  Ve vant to capture many styles so make sure to bring yours! In return, ve vill provide you with a few high resolution photos for you to have/print at your own leisure.

Please fill out zee form below and choose ze dates and time slots zat vill vork best for you and ve vill reach out to confirm:

Name *
Phone *
Availability *
Please select the dates/times that vill vork for your schedule
Ve vant to get an idea of your inner spirit for zee shoot.
This area is for any additional information or considerations you may vant to provide.

Feel free to bring props for your photos. 
Here are some ideas:
• Sports equipment - Frisbees, soccer balls, football, scooter
• Books
• Picnic basket
• Camera
• Sketchbook/easel
• Instruments
• Roller skates/Skateboard
• Backpacks
• Animals - puppies! 
• Bubbles
• Briefcase/workbag
• Phone
• Bicycle + Helmet
• Binoculars
• Magnifying glass