Megan Price Bio

Senior Designer

What would it be like
if you had a T-rex tail
and scissors for legs?

Professional Strength
As an art director and Feathered Buffalo, I see the bird’s-eye view of the big picture and explore grandiose, high-level ideas before dredging down into the details.

If I could be anything
If I could be anything, I would be a ghost astronaut with a beating heart and robot abilities. Or maybe a violin.

Random fact
-One of my goals is to listen to all +2300 TED talks, because they make me happy weep and dream big. Right now, if I listened to all of them back-to-back, at an average length of 18 minutes each, it would take me about 29.375 days straight, without sleep. Did I mention I also love math?

-I’ve solved the rubix cube three times, by trial and error. I’m yet to learn the algorithm because I’m afraid it will take the magic out of it.