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Dream Team of Pioneers in Branding



Don't feed zee animals


ADAM MEAD | lancing narwhal

Heart in Hawaii
Brand brain set to change the world
Camera in hand

Zee lancing narwhal started yogg in zee vee hours of 2007. He sits at zee helm of zee agency, guiding zee animals to create zee best possible vork. It may be vorth noting at zhis point in your reading his compulsion to write in zee third person. And exaggerate. Onvard! Zee most illustrious, leather-skinned and friendly vith looks-that-could-kill-slowly narwhal has led yogg to develop brands for companies of all sizes – from global organizations to local one-person startups. To date, zhis narwhal is the only known aquatic mammal to be an expert vitness in branding and advertising.

Random fact: A-bomb's family consists of his vife and nine beautiful children. He delivered his seventh child in a parking lot, sans doctor. News sources report "the baby just popped out."



What would it be like
if you had a T-rex tail
and scissors for legs?

As an art director and Feathered Buffalo, I see the bird’s-eye view of the big picture and explore grandiose, high-level ideas before dredging down into the details.

One of my goals is to listen to all +2300 TED talks, because they make me happy weep and dream big. Right now, if I listened to all of them back-to-back, at an average length of 18 minutes each, it would take me about 29.375 days straight, without sleep. Did I mention I also love math?


How to frame the world:
Take your indexs and your thumbs
And then touch the tips

What makes the hyper lynx so hyper? I am constantly thinking and feeling deeply about the world spinning around me and it’s my job to express this complexity through design and imagery. This excitement follows me with every project so it’s easy for me to take on and adapt to the ever-changing climates and geography of the Land of yogg with passion and curiosity (don’t worry, it only kills cats, lynx are completely different). 

If I could be anything in the whole wide world, I would be the last chocolate chip cookie on Earth. I would be admired by the entire world, but nobody but the most confident person in the world could ever even dream about enjoying me. Who would DARE to say that they deserve the last chocolate chip cookie EVER?!

turtle burg.jpeg


Salty like pretzels
But sweet like honey mustard
You are what you eat

As account manager or Captain Fox, I stay constantly aware of my surroundings – taking in even the tiniest of details. No situation too tricky, I embrace challenges and take obstacles head on. 

Filled with a big imagination and a love for fat cats, as a kid, I had a 10-mile-tall imaginary cat named Chagatha. No longer an imaginary friend but now the subject of a future children's book I plan to write.


Heaton Johnson V | Sea Pup

Does a sea pup fly?
Can he make it to the moon?

Only with a toot.

An account manager apprentice and sea pup’s life can be riddled with challenges. That’s why I keep a vigilant eye and prepare for the unexpected. No detail too small, no fish too fast, I make sure I’m prepared with a tank full of gas. This sea pup is ready to go the distance.

If i had to describe myself, I’d probably say “yeah, you know, that guy with the neck tattoo that has his shirt unbuttoned and likes Pokémon. Yeah, he’s weird, but his dogs are cool.”