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Dream Team of Pioneers in Branding



Don't feed zee animals


ADAM MEAD | lancing narwhal

Heart in Hawaii
Brand brain set to change the world
Camera in hand

Zee lancing narwhal started yogg in zee vee hours of 2007. He sits at zee helm of zee agency, guiding zee animals to create zee best possible vork. It may be vorth noting at zhis point in your reading his compulsion to write in zee third person. And exaggerate. Onvard! Zee most illustrious, leather-skinned and friendly vith looks-that-could-kill-slowly narwhal has led yogg to develop brands for companies of all sizes – from global organizations to local one-person startups. To date, zhis narwhal is the only known aquatic mammal to be an expert vitness in branding and advertising.

Random fact: A-bomb's family consists of his vife and nine beautiful children. He delivered his seventh child in a parking lot, sans doctor. News sources report "the baby just popped out."

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Many opportunities
Discover the wonder

Director of Operations. Marketing. It’s what I do. Filled with solutions (even when there isn’t a problem) Helping get it done. Helping clients find solutions. Working on results. (BTW - Butter Elk are really good at planning.) How can we make it smarter and more effective all at the same time.

So many opportunities to engage with friends, families, passions, and clients. So many opportunities to make a difference. Some days, it’s enough to make my Butter Elk head spin -- so many possible ways to engage. So many ways to explore the new, the world and all of its wonder. And it is wonderful.

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Frank Anderson | Secret Duck

My training is done
There is no turning back now:
Eat this whole pizza

A doodler of things, and a crafter of brands, Secret Duck leads a life of mystery and only quacks when necessary.

He’s more graceful in water than on land, where he is easily startled. Even though this duck can’t fly, he can manipulate a Bézier curve unlike any other duck, which in turn takes him to some pretty great places.

Once came in first place in an ironic mustache growing contest, before growing mustaches ironically was cool. I only lost a couple of friends and made most babies cry during the ‘stache cultivation process.