Välkommen to zee Land of yogg


Yes, hello! Ve are delighted to see you!

Vould you like a delicious peppermint stick and chocolate nougat for your journey? No? Not even a gumdrop or lip balm? Vell zen, inflate zee accordion and slap zee oxen's biscuits. Ve have a long vay to go. Onvard!

A few vords about zee Land. Please keep in mind not to feed zee animals. Zey become quite cranky on account of zee gluten allergies and hypoglycemia. Also remember zat journey folk of zee Land of yogg are here to discover zeir inner-awesome and how to bring it out for zee vorld to see.

Now frolic and play. Mind zee dangerous flora and prepare to delight in imagination. A new pair of fancy pants avaits you! Come along my little lamb's hide!


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